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creditors and covid

“Cutting a deal with creditors”
A credit card collection agency was calling an individual non-stop seeking a payment on an old debt. The individual asked me to contact the creditor to try to negotiate a settlement. I was able to get the creditor to accept a significant discount to resolve the debt.

That is not the interesting part. What is interesting is that I have found that during these Covid-19 times, creditors have been much more liberal in terms of what they will accept in a negotiation.

OK, granted they knew they were dealing with a lawyer that has significant debt negotiating experience. I know that weighs in regarding the outcome. My point here is that, if you’re looking to try to “cut a deal” this certainly seems to be a good time to give it a shot.

If you feel that you might benefit from having the law firm negotiate a debt, on your behalf, let us know.

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