Expert Legal Assistance for Service Animal Discrimination Cases

Service animal discrimination law

Service Animal Discrimination Law

If you feel discriminated against due to your service animal or have been accused of discriminating against someone with a service animal, our law firm is here to help. Understanding your rights and obligations under federal and New York laws is crucial. Our experienced attorneys specialize in service animal discrimination law and can guide you through this complex legal area.

Common Situations Leading to Complaints

Landlord Refusal to Accommodate Service Animals

Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), landlords must allow service animals even if there is a no-pets policy. Failure to do so can result in significant legal consequences. Our attorneys can help ensure your rights are protected or defend you against such claims.

Discrimination in Public Housing

Public housing authorities must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the FHA, which mandate reasonable accommodations for service animals. If you face discrimination in public housing, we can assist you in taking legal action.

Condominium or Homeowners’ Association Restrictions

Homeowners’ associations must make exceptions to their rules to accommodate service animals. If your service animal has been denied access, or if you are an association needing defense, our firm can provide the necessary legal support.

Rights of Veterans with Service Animals

Veterans with disabilities often rely on service animals for various tasks, from guiding them to assisting with PTSD symptoms. Denial of access to these animals can have severe consequences. Both state and federal laws protect veterans’ rights to be accompanied by service animals. Our attorneys are well-versed in these laws and can offer the needed assistance.

Access Rights of People with Disabilities

People with disabilities have the right to use public facilities with their service animals. Discrimination in public accommodations, such as restaurants, hotels, and transportation services, is illegal under the ADA and New York laws. Our firm is committed to upholding these rights and providing robust legal representation.

Service Animals Are Not Pets

A service animal is essential for a person with a disability to benefit from services and should not be separated from its handler. New York law states that service animals must be in a harness or on a leash but need not be muzzled. Our attorneys can help you understand these laws and take action if your rights are violated.

Types of Public Accommodations

Public accommodations range from restaurants and hotels to transportation services and recreational facilities. Each type has specific rules regarding service animals. Our firm has extensive experience handling cases involving various public accommodations and can offer specialized legal support.

Penalties for Violations

Violations of service animal rights can lead to substantial penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Both the New York City Commission on Human Rights and the New York State laws impose severe consequences for discrimination. Our attorneys will fight to ensure justice and hold violators accountable.

Applicable Laws

Service animal rights are established under federal, state, and local laws. The ADA, FHA, and New York statutes provide comprehensive protections. Our firm is adept at navigating these laws to defend your rights or provide a strong defense against accusations.

Contact Our Experienced Attorneys

If you believe you were discriminated against due to your service animal, or if you have been accused of such discrimination, contact our attorneys for expert legal assistance. Our firm specializes in service animal discrimination law and is committed to achieving the best outcome for your case.

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