New York's Move Over Law: Legal Assistance for Drivers Facing Tickets

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Understanding New York’s Move Over Law – NYS VTL 1144-a(a)

What is New York’s Move Over Law?

New York State’s Move Over Law mandates that drivers must move over a full lane or slow down when approaching stopped emergency or hazard vehicles with flashing lights. This law applies to a variety of vehicles, including police, ambulances, tow trucks, construction, and maintenance vehicles.

The Penalties for Violating the Move Over Law

Violating this law can lead to significant consequences:

  • Fines: Up to $450, depending on the number of offenses within 18 months.
  • Points: 2 points are added to the driver’s license per violation.
  • Surcharges: An additional $88 or $93 surcharge is applicable.
  • Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee: Accumulating 6 points within 18 months triggers this extra fee, starting at $300.
  • Insurance Impact: Expect potential rate increases due to this moving violation.

Key Aspects of the Law

New York’s Move Over Law is strictly enforced to protect emergency and hazard vehicle personnel. Non-compliance is taken seriously by both law enforcement and judges, reflecting the law’s safety intent.

Defending Against a Move Over Law Ticket

A knowledgeable attorney can utilize several defenses:

  1. Safety First: Citing NY VTL 1128, if moving over was unsafe, this can be a valid defense.
  2. Practical Limitations: If there wasn’t enough time to safely move over, or if doing so would have resulted in crossing a double yellow line, these can be compelling arguments.

Out-of-State Drivers and New York’s Law

Out-of-state drivers are subject to New York’s laws and penalties when driving in the state.

A conviction will likely affect your driving record and insurance rates, as most states share traffic ticket information.

Facing a Move Over Law Ticket in New York? We Can Help!

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