Bankruptcy is your solution to eliminate your debts brought on by the Covid-19 Coronavirus


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Our law firm is open, and will remain open, and will assist you “virtually” via phone or video conference to help you file a bankruptcy petition quickly, efficiently, and successfully. 


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You have NOTHING to lose by contacting the law firm for a FREE consultation. There is a money back guarantee if the law firm cannot eliminate unsecured debt in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. 


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You do NOT need to put any money down during your free consultation. We will confidentially discuss your situation to determine if bankruptcy is the right solution for you at this time.


Payment Plans Available

Our law firm offers flexible payment plans. The law firm understands that you may not be in a position to pay certain fees up front including the court filing fee.


Fortunately, the courts are permitting bankruptcy cases to be handled via the telephone at this time so you will not need to appear in court. We are here to assist you through this incredibly difficult time and helping you resolve your debt problems. Did you know that you CAN file a bankruptcy and KEEP your house and automobiles?

The financial impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus is devastating. Many businesses will never reopen so many jobs have been lost. People cannot keep up with their bills due to the loss of income.

So what is the solution to this nightmare? A personal bankruptcy can be utilized to wipe out your debts and get you a fresh start. Now is the time to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.


Attorney Cook is a published author and wrote several books which are available on

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Attorney Cook has also prepared several bankruptcy videos that you can view. These are Question and Answer style videos where you can learn all about the bankruptcy process.

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Attorney Cook is a bankruptcy attorney who has handled over 3,000 bankruptcy matters and possesses FIVE degrees including two advanced law degrees. This includes a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in Bankruptcy from St. John’s School of Law and a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in Taxation from New York Law School. He has handled thousands of bankruptcy cases and has coordinated a great outcome for each case. The law firm has over 3,000+ five star testimonials, many of which are viewable on this website. CLICK HERE to read his biography on website. With the law firm’s assistance, you can finally stop those annoying collection calls and strategically resolve your debt problems.


Attorney Cook is a member of the local bar associations, many bankruptcy associations, and has been interviewed and quoted by the local media.  This makes Attorney Cook is an excellent choice for your bankruptcy case.

Ronald Cook


Personal Bankruptcy

Are you drowning in a sea of debt? You cannot pay your bills, and it seems like the more you try, the further behind you get. You might be facing debt collectors and wage garnishments, or you might even be dealing with a foreclosure or lawsuits. If so, that is a mess, and more than you should try to handle on your own.

Contact us to learn how you can use a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the threats and collection phone calls. Some of our clients qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which is often called a fresh start bankruptcy. Others file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which is referred to as reorganization bankruptcy.


Business Bankruptcy

Do you own a business that was impacted by Covid-19 but can no longer pay the bills? We can represent you with your business debt issues which could include a Chapter 5, Chapter 7, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If you file for a business Chapter 7, the business assets would be sold, and creditors would be paid pennies on the dollar. If you file for a business Chapter 5 or Chapter 11, we will help you negotiate with your creditors so that you can keep the business running. It is now EASIER to file a business bankruptcy than ever before thanks to the Small Business Reorganization Act also known as a Chapter 5 bankruptcy.


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Ronald CookIt would be our pleasure to help you navigate through these tough times.

Ronald S. Cook, LLM, JD, MBA



Below are some testimonial letters we have received which you can view on The names have been omitted for privacy purposes.

“In a year filled with “upside-down” homeowners and high unemployment, I have referred several former and prospective clients to Ron Cook for his expertise in bankruptcy. I have heard back from these people, and they are all glad and thankful that I made the referral. Especially in these times, I’m glad that I know Ron and can refer him to the people who need his help.”

“My husband and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did regarding our bankruptcy case. You made the process very easy and you were very reassuring during a time when we really needed someone we could trust. You were very easy to talk to and always got back to us in a prompt manner. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know that needs a lawyer. You always made us feel confident in your decisions. Again, thank you for all the help.”

“We needed a lawyer for some financial matters. Not knowing one, we searched the internet and found Ronald Cook. We called and made an appointment for our initial free consultation (which he made around my schedule), and after talking to him for a few hours we knew that he was the attorney for us. From start to finish, he always took the time to explain any legal terms to us, and answered any questions we had. His knowledge of bankruptcy and the subject matter we were dealing with was very extensive, which made me all the more comfortable. I would retain him again and would highly recommend him to anyone with legal needs. Thanks Ron, you made a difficult process a lot easier to deal with.”

“When I first entered Mr. Cook’s office, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after explaining my current financial situation, he explained all of my options, and how his firm could help. He told me in a way that I understood exactly what he was saying. If a legal term came up, he would immediately explain what it was. I never felt lost or confused when in a meeting or on the phone with Mr. Cook; he was there for the entire bankruptcy process. Mr. Cook knows his field inside and out, and I would highly recommend him if you are in need of bankruptcy service. I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Mr. Cook.”

“Mr. Cook lived up to his lofty qualifications, which can be seen on the home page of his website. As busy as his firm was in his Smithtown office, Ron or Carolyn were always available to answer a quick question in regard to our bankruptcy case, unless, of course, he was in court. His technological savvy was on display at his office, which really streamlined the whole process. Mr. Cook was always courteous and always answered our questions using his vast knowledge, even if a question was not specific to our case. And, last but not least, the fee we were quoted at the beginning of the process was the fee we paid. There were absolutely no hidden charges. Thank you Ron and Carolyn.”

“What impressed me about working with Ron was how quickly his mind worked in summing up my situation and plotting multiple strategies for dealing with it. He didn’t waste any time (read “my money”) in the implementation of the selected plan, which led to a successful outcome. I highly recommend his firm.”

“I have known Ron for approximately 8 years. I needed an attorney for a specific legal matter and decided to hire Ron to represent me. He took the matter on and has worked diligently towards a resolution. I feel very confident that he will handle this task to the utmost of his ability. I highly recommend Ron; he is very reasonable and quite thorough. Keep up the great work Ron.”

“What was impressive to me was that Ron’s expertise, coupled with that of his associate, gave me the pros and cons of the action I was considering taking. Very often we assume lawyers will leap at a case and tell you “yes, you have a rock-solid case” just to get you to go forward with your action. In this situation, two attorneys showed tremendous integrity by discussing the merits and the challenges of the information I provided to them. While they felt certain that there was a legitimate case, and they were interested in taking it, I never felt pressured to move forward based on anyone’s attempt to make this look like a “slam-dunk.” Ron was sensitive to the possible effects this case could have on my daughter emotionally, and was candid about the range of possible outcomes. We opted not to go forward with the action, and it was because of an attorney with class, expertise and tremendous integrity. I will not hesitate to work with Ron Cook in the future should the opportunity arise.”

“Ron is an attorney with a HEART…High integrity, Expert, great Attitude, Reliable and Trustworthy… I recommend him to anyone, anytime without any reservation. He goes the extra mile on your case while being extra careful and very sensitive to your needs. He is very knowledgeable in his field and my conclusion after the way my case was handled, is this…he is a team player, and I am glad he is on my team. Thanks Ron and keep up the great work!”

“Ronald Cook was extremely proficient and delivered expedient results. I highly recommend him and would retain him again.”

“I highly recommend the services that Ron Cook provides. I was in search of a trustworthy Bankruptcy Attorney and Ron surpassed my expectations. He is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. Ron Cook was able to clearly define the best solution and course of action for me and my family. The results were very positive! Thank you Ron.”

“Mr. Cook was very responsive to my needs in a legal matter. He was punctual when returning phone calls. He was also very knowledgeable about the legal issue involving my case. I highly recommend Mr. Cook.”

“I strongly recommend the services that Ron Cook provides. I have dealt professionally with many attorneys and find Ron to be knowledgeable, responsive and very detailed in his assessment of a client’s situation. He also has an incredible knowledge of business which makes for a great team when trying to assist people with many of their professional and personal issues…a true find!”

“Ronald was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions promptly. He was always very professional.”

“My husband and I have worked with Ron for approximately 4 years. We have made him “our” attorney. He is very knowledgeable on many subjects and has been very patient with the many questions and requests we have asked of him and his team. With his attention to detail and can-do attitude, I would highly recommend Ron for any of your legal needs.”

“I was more than very satisfied with the work that Ronald did for both the family and me. I plan to use is services in the future if need be.”

“Ron has jumped into many situations with us. He is very attentive and willing to explore new areas. His advice was critical and enabled us to successfully launch into another business”

“I can’t say enough about Ron. He has helped me with various legal issues. He is just a great person to work with. He is very knowledgeable and gave me great information when I have reached out to him. Bottom line…. I would recommend him!”

“Ron helped us with a difficult situation. We were grateful that Ron had the legal expertise, sensitivity to the situation we were going through, and dedication and commitment to help us to successfully have our day in court. We were confident every step of the way through a difficult process for us because Ron was by our side to advise, reassure, and follow through on all our needs in the matter. We would highly recommend using Ron for any legal needs you may have. He is very knowledgeable as well as highly personable and compassionate. A great find in the field of legal services!!!”

“Ron Cook is an accomplished professional and an excellent resource for any company seeking innovative ways to expand their business. Ron goes out of his way to provide an excellent level of service, and he adds the ‘personal touch’ to everything he does. If you are looking for the job to be done right the first time, and at an economical cost, I would highly recommend that you look into Ron’s services for your business.”

“During that time I have been able to look at Ron’s business and see the inside workings of his firm. Because of my inside understanding, I have referred multiple clients to Ron. His broad range of knowledge, his extremely technical background and his LLM (master of law in taxation) makes him an ideal choice as an attorney for business owners of all kinds. I have recommended prospective bankruptcy clients and several people needing issue resolution to Ron. Ron’s knowledge of the key people who make the bankruptcy decisions and his desire not to push people into bankruptcy if they do not need it make him my referral choice in this area. Ron’s ability to negotiate and his common sense approach to issue resolution and his tenacious ability to right wrongs make him my referral choice for business owner issue resolution. PS For all this his rates are extremely fair and reasonable!”

“Ron has my highest recommendation! I have used his services for many projects over the years. He is quite simply the brightest man I have ever known. His work ethic, depth of knowledge, and integrity are second to none! I have found him to be very easy to work with.”

“Ronald Cook offered exceptional, knowledgeable, creative legal and business advice on several business projects and personal legal matters. He has both broad and deep expertise, and is pleasant to deal with. I recommend him without reservation.”

“I am so glad I met Ronald last year because his firm has provided my company, customers of my company, and family members’ assistance in multiple areas of his expertise. He is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and I am proud to have him as a business associate. His business and technological skills are quite impressive and make Ron an excellent resource.”

“I would highly recommend Ron Cook to anyone in need of legal services because Ron is a straight shooter. Before Ron Cook accepts any form of retainer fee he often spends a great deal of time speaking with possible clients on the pros and cons of the case based on what they are telling him. Ron Cook is a very intelligent, highly motivated attorney who is caring, compassionate, and honest with his prospective clients. While other attorneys take on cases just to make some money, Ron Cook will not waste anyone’s time or money if he doesn’t feel there is a strong case to be made.”

“I have consulted with Ron on many important business matters and have successfully relied on his judgment for close to 10 years. By hiring Ron to work with me on complex business negotiations and transactions it has literally both saved and made me a ton of money as a direct result of his timely and accurate advice.”

“Ron took care of all the legal issues on time and properly. Great work.”

“It’s been a little over a year now with my case. Everything went exactly like you said it would. I would gladly use your services again if the need arose. Anyone using your services will be well protected and well served.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest recommendation of Ronald S. Cook and his many areas of expertise. Over the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of making use of Ron’s services in bankruptcy filings, business set ups, and in the technology field. Each time I found his pleasant disposition comforting, while maintaining a professional demeanor. He was always able to relate complex legalese in an understanding manner. He always returned my phone calls and emails in a timely manner, and moreover, was expeditious in the handling of all and any of my concerns. I found his fee(s) to be fair and well within my expectations.”

“Thank you for your help in the matter of our recent bankruptcy procedure. My wife and I were overwhelmed with debt and very concerned. Your guidance and council was excellent and all-inclusive for our situation. Today we are living debt free thanks to your help.”

“Due to a business failure, I was forced to consider bankruptcy. After consulting with Ron, and as he analyzed my situation, his recommendations could not have been better. He explained all of my options and made it very easy to make a decision on what was best for me. Ron helped me through this process in a way that could not have been more professional. Along with his staff and his experience, my situation today is much better. There were times where Ron had to push me to get things done. There were times when I did not take care of some of my obligations, and through Ron’s persistence and knowledge of the importance of my financial situation, his help was relentless. His patience and perseverance definitely helped me and my financial situation. I thank Ron and his staff for all they have done. I hope not to be in this situation again, but if I was, Ron Cook would be my attorney again; without a doubt. Thanks Ron!”

Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy Lawyer

“I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am for all you have done. Your efforts on my behalf have been tireless. You did a very professional job in representing my interests, as well as anticipating all that could possibly happen, and advising me accordingly. The best decision I ever made was retaining you as my representative. Ron, my family and I thank you for being a remarkably talented and knowledgeable attorney. You are a credit to your profession!”

“Ron Cook has served as our attorney for over a year now. We have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He has helped us make some very difficult decisions regarding our financial situation. He is prompt in returning calls, which we felt was very important in our quest for finding the right attorney. We interviewed several attorneys before we chose Mr. Cook. He was honest, reliable, and explained in detail all the legal options available to us. We would absolutely recommend Mr. Cook for any financial legal services you may need.”

Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy Lawyer