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Did you fall victim to fraud, suffered credit report issues, or experienced identity theft due to the CB Surety, LLC incident?

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In December 2023, a significant legal move was made against CB Surety, LLC, and its associated entities, placing them under the scrutiny of a court-appointed receiver. This step is part of an extensive action undertaken by the United States in the Eastern District of California, tackling allegations of bank fraud, wire fraud, and a conspiracy involving these crimes among various individuals and companies.

This was a temporary restraining order against an alleged fraud network that steals money from consumers and uses deceptive tactics to conceal illicit activity from financial institutions, thereby allowing that illicit activity to continue

The case against CB Surety, LLC, unfolds a narrative of deceit and manipulation, with accusations of creating fake entities to execute unauthorized financial transactions, among other illicit activities. This elaborate scheme not only sought to exploit the banking system but also aimed at evading bank detection through microtransactions, complicating the fraud and minimizing chargebacks.

The court’s decisive measures, including an asset freeze and the appointment of a receiver, underscore the commitment of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Consumer Protection Branch to eradicating financial fraud that preys on consumers and financial institutions.

A Temporary Receiver has been assigned by the Eastern District of California to oversee the operations of several entities, ensuring the preservation of assets derived from fraudulent activities and aiding in the ongoing investigation.

Our legal team specializes in providing legal assistance to victims of CB Surety fraud, identity theft recovery, and financial fraud. If you’ve been impacted by the actions of CB Surety LLC or any related entities, our firm is prepared to help you navigate your legal options and pursue the justice you deserve.

Entities mentioned in the injunction: CB Surety LLC, Peak Bakery LLC, Cascades Pointe at Clemson LLC, KP Testing LLC, Motion Media Marketing Inc., SJC Financial Services Inc., Reseller Consultants Inc., Ambragold Inc., Think Processing LLC, Bass Business Consultants, Aric Gastwirth, Thomas Eide, Travis Smith, Stephen Christopher, Bryan Bass, Won It All Inc.

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