Financial and Marital Documents

The law firm can assist you in drafting any of the below documents.

Let us know what document(s) that you might need from the below list.

BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 7 & 13) – File personal bankruptcy individually or jointly as a married couple. Also includes completed samples for each document, overviews and instructions, a complete list of each state’s exemptions, and each of the 90+ U.S. District Bankruptcy Courts forms. Fully up-to-date with the latest Means Test and Exemption Calculations revisions.

PROMISSORY NOTES – Detail the terms and repayment schedule for a loan of money or property.

PREMARITAL AGREEMENT – Often called a Prenuptial Agreement or ‘pre-nup’ for short, this document details in advance the legal and financial expectations should the marriage come to an end.

SEPARATION AGREEMENT – Outlines issues such as alimony, child support, real estate, debts, personal property, custody, visitation, and more for married couples who wish to separate.

COHABITATION AGREEMENT – A contract that allows an unmarried couple to make joint decisions about finances, healthcare wishes, property rights, and after-death asset transfers.