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Canadian Drivers: Navigate New York Traffic Tickets with Confidence

Are You a Quebec or Ontario Driver that received a New York Traffic Ticket?

Understand the Risks…

Traveling through New York as a Canadian driver from Quebec or Ontario can bring unexpected challenges, especially if you’re faced with a traffic ticket. Many Canadian motorists, unaware of the implications, end up simply pleading guilty and paying the fine. However, this approach can lead to serious consequences for your driving record.

Shared Driver Information Between New York, Quebec, and Ontario

New York State has a reciprocal agreement with both Quebec and Ontario, sharing driver information including traffic ticket convictions. This means a ticket in New York can affect your Canadian driving record.

Quebec Drivers: The Impact of New York Tickets

Under the Société de l’assurance automobile du Quebec, offenses committed in New York can add demerit points to your Quebec driving record. With a system allowing a maximum of 15 demerit points before license suspension, it’s crucial to address these tickets properly.

Ontario Drivers: The Consequences of New York Offenses

Similarly, Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation acknowledges New York traffic violations, adding demerit points to your Ontario driving record. Accumulating points can lead to warnings, license suspension, and increased insurance premiums.

Losing Your New York Driving Privileges as a Canadian

For Quebec or Ontario drivers, accumulating 11 points under the New York Point System can lead to a suspension of your New York driving privileges. While your Canadian license remains unaffected, this suspension is recognized by Quebec and Ontario due to the reciprocity agreement.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Handling a New York traffic ticket can be complex and daunting, especially from afar. But with the right legal expertise, you can effectively contest these tickets, potentially saving yourself from demerit points, hefty fines, and the risk of suspension.

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