Real Estate Documents

The law firm can assist you in drafting any of the below documents.

Let us know what document(s) that you might need from the below list.

QUITCLAIM DEEDS – Includes three different Deed options: a standard Quitclaim Deed (the most common document to change property ownership); a Warranty Deed (a document that revises ownership guaranteeing clear title without liens); or a Survivorship Deed (a document that grants ownership of a property after the death of the current owner to the persons named).

FSBO HOME SALE – Customize a Real Estate Purchase Agreement specific to the laws of their your state and transaction. Provides all of the disclosures, deeds, and step-by-step filing documents required for the entire process, making the legal side of FSBO simple.

LAND CONTRACT – Create documents for a seller-financed real estate transaction. Includes documents for installment and balloon payment structures, plus undeveloped property (vacant land).

LEASE AGREEMENTS – Create a comprehensive rental contract tailored to almost any situation: Apartment Leases, Home Leases, Furnished and Unfurnished, Office Leases, Lease Assignments, Commercial and Triple-Net Leases, even a Lease Application and non-real estate Leases for Equipment.