Bankruptcy Law

The Covid-19 Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the economy. We can help you file a bankruptcy in order to eliminate your debts.

Debt Management

Attorney Cook provides debt management services. Our debt settlement services can protect you from collection actions that include wage garnishment, so you can finally get out from under this crippling debt.

Credit Repair

Attorney Cook literally “wrote the book” on credit repair. The book is titled “How to increase your credit score” and is available on If your score is low, you need to raise it before making a large purchase like a home or a new vehicle.

Foreclosure Defense

Losing a home to foreclosure is both financially and emotionally devastating. Our firm has helped countless clients mount successful defenses against foreclosures. Give us a call and you can be the next client we assist.

Tax Law & Audits

The IRS and NYS are considered the “800 pound gorilla” when it comes to enforcing tax collection. You cannot run away from this problem, but you can get help. We can put an end to those harassing calls and help you move forward with a tax resolution.

Criminal Law

If you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the court will require you to appear with an attorney. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will increase the odds of a positive outcome.

Business Law

Our law firm has the expertise to provide guidance with the proper forms, procedures, preventative measures, responding to legal problems, etc. We are available to assist as your trusted counsel and form a a long-term client-attorney relationship that allow us to anticipate your future needs and assist you with your best interests and objectives.

Estate Planning

Superior legal expertise concerning estate planning. Our law firm can provide expert assistance with wills, trusts, estates, health care proxy, living will, codicil, revocable trust, irrevocable trust, special needs trust, elder law, asset protection, tax, probate court, selling a business, etc.

Traffic Law

Our law firm can assist you in responding to a traffic ticket for a moving violation under the Vehicle and Traffic Law. We help reduce points (and fines) which helps keep your auto insurance rates from increasing.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is the body of law that deals with serious injuries caused by the negligence or carelessness of another person or business. When you are a victim of a personal injury accident, whether the harm was physical, mental or involves property damage, you may be able to hold liable parties responsible and recover compensation for your injuries.


The law firm can walk you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a lawsuit and advise you on whether your case is best suited for court, or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. The law firm can help figure out if your case has a good chance of being successful.

Why Choose Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law

Ronald S. Cook PC BBB Business Review

Choosing the right firm to represent you is a key step to having a successful outcome. Ronald Shield Cook, Attorney at Law is highly regarded, has thousands of testimonials, and is an excellent choice as a legal advisor.

Experience and Expertise

You need an experienced attorney in your corner, and Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law can deliver. Ronald Shields Cook has five advanced degrees and has mastered several aspects of the law. He has served this region for over 25 years, and his thousands of satisfied clients are proof that he has the expertise and experience needed to take on your case.

Responsive Legal Services

Far too many law firms take on clients and then forget about them! It can be difficult for clients to reach their attorneys, but that is not the case with Ronald Shield Cook, Attorney at Law. The firm is known for its responsive and reliable services. If you need an attorney, one will be there for you. The firm even has 24-hour availability for emergencies.

Conveniently Located Offices

The firm of Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law strives to make the entire process convenient for clients. That includes having multiple offices available for people. Choose from offices in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, and Manhattan, as each office offers a full range of services for clients. The law firm also handles certain matters in upstate courts.



  • What kind of litigation?

    Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law, handles a broad spectrum of cases, including bankruptcy, criminal law, traffic law, credit repair, debt management, foreclosures, and taxes. His expertise allows him to find legal resolutions to serious problems.

  • Why choose us?

    Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law has successfully assisted thousands of individuals and holds five advanced degrees. Attorney Cook personally handles each case and is committed to providing superior service for each client.

Ronald S. Cook PC BBB Business Review

While some attorneys invoice from the very first minute, Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law offers a free initial consultation to first time callers. During the consultation, clients explain their issues and attorney Cook determines what (if any) legal services are needed.

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