Debunking Common Bankruptcy Myths in New York

Facing bankruptcy can be daunting, and misinformation only adds to the stress. Our law firm specializes in New York bankruptcy cases, and we’re here to clear up the most common bankruptcy myths. Understanding the truth can empower you to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Myth 1: Bankruptcy Ruins Your Credit for a Decade

Reality: While a bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, rebuilding your credit is possible shortly after your bankruptcy is discharged. By making timely payments and managing your credit responsibly, you can start to improve your credit score well before the bankruptcy is removed from your report.

Myth 2: Bankruptcy Filings Are Public and Widely Known

Reality: Although bankruptcy filings are public record, they’re not typically broadcasted to the general public. Unless you’re a public figure, it’s unlikely that your bankruptcy filing will be common knowledge.

Myth 3: The New Bankruptcy Law Offers No Help

Reality: The Bankruptcy Reform Act primarily changed how individuals qualify for bankruptcy but did not eliminate the possibility of filing. Notably, New York’s amendments in 2011 significantly protect homeowners’ equity, allowing for up to $300,000 in exemptions.

Myth 4: Selective Reporting of Debts and Assets Is Permitted

Reality: The bankruptcy process requires full disclosure of all debts and assets. While you may wish to continue payments on certain debts, they must all be included in your filing.

Myth 5: Filing for Bankruptcy Is Overly Complicated

Reality: With experienced legal guidance, the process of filing for bankruptcy can be straightforward. Our attorneys can help streamline the paperwork and navigate the electronic filing system.

Myth 6: You Cannot Own Property Post-Bankruptcy

Reality: Post-bankruptcy, you will be eligible for credit and can own property again. Lenders exist who specialize in financing for those who have recently undergone bankruptcy.

Myth 7: Bankruptcy Leads to Loss of All Personal Property

Reality: Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect your assets from creditors. While specific protections vary by state, many of your possessions, including potentially your home, can be safeguarded through exemptions.

Myth 8: Married Couples Must File Jointly

Reality: Filing for bankruptcy is an individual choice, and spouses can file together or separately. The best option depends on your specific financial situation.

Myth 9: Back Taxes Are Ineligible for Discharge

Reality: Income taxes owed for over three years may be discharged under certain conditions. However, recent taxes and sales taxes are generally not dischargeable.

Myth 10: Bankruptcy Is a One-Time Option

Reality: There are limitations on how frequently you can receive a discharge from bankruptcy, but you can file more than once. The specific waiting periods vary depending on the type of bankruptcy filed.

Myth 11: Credit Is Unattainable After Bankruptcy

Reality: Reestablishing credit begins immediately after bankruptcy. Responsible credit use post-bankruptcy can help rebuild your credit score, making future credit more accessible.

Myth 12: Creditors Can Continue Harassment After Filing

Reality: The automatic stay in bankruptcy provides immediate protection against creditor actions, including harassment. This stay prohibits creditors from contacting you without court permission.

Myth 13: Bankruptcy Causes Family Distress and Divorce

Reality: By eliminating debt, bankruptcy can reduce financial stress, potentially improving family dynamics and relationships. The decision to file can be challenging, but the relief it brings often strengthens familial bonds.

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