New York Speeding Ticket Defense: Expert Legal Assistance for VTL 1180 Violations

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Facing a Speeding Ticket in New York?

Our Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Help

Speeding tickets in New York can lead to serious repercussions, from hefty fines and points on your license to the possibility of license suspension.

Our law firm is dedicated to defending drivers cited under New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic Law, including Section 1180.

We leverage our extensive expertise to safeguard your rights and reduce your penalties.

Understanding VTL 1180: Your Guide to Speeding Violations in New York

Article 30, Section 1180 of New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law outlines several speeding offenses:

  • 1180(a): Speeding under conditions requiring prudent speed.
  • 1180(b): Exceeding the 55 mph speed limit.
  • 1180(c): School zone speeding violations.
  • 1180(d): Speeding above posted limits.
  • 1180(e): Failure to reduce speed under certain conditions.
  • 1180(f): Speeding in work zones.
  • 1180(g): Heavy vehicle speeding detected by radar.

Why Choose Us for Your Speeding Ticket Defense?

  • Highly Rated Legal Expertise: Recognized for our successful record in traffic ticket defense.
  • Proven Strategies: Customized approaches to challenge speeding tickets.
  • Comprehensive Support: From consultation to court representation, we’re with you at every step.

Potential Consequences of Speeding Tickets in New York

  • Points on Your License: Accumulating 3 to 11 points, based on the severity of the speeding.
  • Driver Responsibility Assessment: Additional fines for accruing 6 or more points.
  • License Suspension or Revocation: Possible outcomes for multiple violations or excessive points.

How We Can Assist You

  • Ticket Analysis: Detailed examination of your speeding ticket circumstances.
  • Court Representation: Professional legal advocacy in court.
  • Negotiation: Working towards reducing fines and points.
  • Guidance and Advice: Transparent and reliable legal counseling throughout your case.

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