Ronald S. Cook “wrote the book” on taxes.

The book is titled Making Taxes Less Taxing.

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Tax issues, both federal and state, are among the most frightening legal concerns for individuals and business owners. Most people know that the IRS and the State tax department are the 800 pound gorilla” when it comes to collecting on tax judgments. Audits, collections, warrants, levies, and seizures are frustrating and often call for professional assistance. If you are facing a personal or business tax issue, Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law can help. With five advanced degrees, including a Master of Laws degree in Taxation, he possesses the tax mind that you need when you’re facing the IRS or state tax issues.

Representation for All Your Tax Needs

Our firm handles all tax needs, both big and small. We represent clients during audits, ensuring they get the best possible outcome. We also handle international taxation disputes, criminal tax allegations, and collection issues.

Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law has spent his career negotiating with the IRS and other attorneys on behalf of his clients. He has managed to get the IRS to withdrawal levies and liens and even vacate tax assessments. He is also skilled at negotiating installment agreements and offers in compromise. While people have the option of negotiating these tax issues on their own, most find they get a much better outcome when they hire a skilled tax attorney.

With each client we serve, we have one ultimate goal in mind. We want to help the client settle the tax issue in the best way possible. You will not work with a paralegal when you come to our firm. Instead, you will speak one-on-one with an attorney that will be in charge of your case from the beginning to the end. This is just one way to manage to get the best outcomes for our clients.

Compassionate Legal Help for Tax Issues

We understand that clients with tax issues are worried about the entire process. Much of the worry is due to a fear of the unknown. Most people do not understand how the IRS works, so receiving a threatening letter is enough to derail their lives.
Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law will take the time to explain the tax issue to you in a way you can understand while also going over potential outcomes. Clients find they feel much more at ease when they know what to expect from the process.
The attorney will also be available to answer your questions. You will not feel rushed during your appointment, so feel free to fully discuss your issue and ask all the questions you have.

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Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law understands that you have a lot going on in your life.

You are dealing with tax issues along with many other commitments.

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