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Facing a Responsible Person Assessment in New York? Our Law Firm Can Protect Your Assets

In New York State, individuals associated with businesses can be held personally liable for certain unpaid tax liabilities. This includes officers, directors, and employees responsible for the collection and payment of sales, use, withholding, and motor fuel excise taxes. If you find yourself facing such an assessment, it’s crucial to understand your rights and options.

What is a Responsible Person Assessment?

A Responsible Person Assessment allows the state to pursue an individual’s personal assets to collect a business’s tax liability. This measure can lead to severe personal financial consequences, including liens on property, bank account seizures, and wage garnishment.

How We Can Assist

Our law firm specializes in defending individuals against Responsible Person Assessments. Our experienced tax attorneys understand the intricacies of New York State tax law and can provide comprehensive assistance:

  • Analyzing your case to determine the best defense strategy
  • Challenging the state’s assertion of your responsibility
  • Navigating the appeal process, including requesting a conciliation conference or petitioning for a Division of Tax Appeals hearing
  • Seeking exemptions or relief for qualified individuals to limit liability

Protecting Your Future

The implications of a Responsible Person Assessment can be daunting. Our goal is to protect your assets and minimize your liability, ensuring that you can move forward without the burden of undue tax debt.

Don’t Let a Tax Assessment Threaten Your Financial Stability

Responsible Person Assessments require prompt and strategic action. Our law firm is equipped to defend your rights and protect your assets from unjust tax liability claims in New York. Contact us today to discuss your situation and explore your options. Let us help you navigate this complex process and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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