New York LLC Publication Notice

Last updated August 2022

A New York LLC (domestic or foreign) must complete a “publication notice”

A certificate of publication MUST get filed with NYS.

Failure to comply with the rules can have negative consequences.

For example, if you try to sue someone, you could LACK STANDING to sue if you failed to get your publication notice correct.

(I was once in a court and saw a landlord’s lawsuit tossed out of court. This was because the tenant’s lawyer pointed out that proof of a successful publication notice was NOT done by the landlord. That was enough to get the case dismissed for lack of standing.)

After you complete the publication process, the County Clerk will send it to your mailing address and publish the notice.

You will need to record it in your County Clerk’s office.

In the County Clerk’s office, you will receive a NY LLC publication number which must be given to your registered agent as proof of compliance.

You need to file this information with the NY Department of State Division of Corporations online or by mail for a fee.

The purpose of the LLC publication requirement is to provide public notice of the existence of the LLC.

This is important because it allows anyone to object to the LLC’s formation or file a lawsuit against the company.

The publication notice notifies potential creditors of the company’s existence.

How Much Does It Cost To Publish An LLC In New York?

The publication costs in New York vary depending on the county in which the company is registered.

Publication Notice