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Crazy High E-ZPass Fees
I have had many people contact me to discuss very high E-ZPass fees. Suppose you drive over a bridge where there is a $10 fee. Something goes wrong with E-ZPass billing and they charge you an ADDITIONAL $100 for each time you went over the bridge. You eventually receive an invoice for thousands of dollars. You call E-ZPass to complain and they refuse to budge. You call over and over, and finally, someone offers you some kind of discount. However, they simultaneously ignore the billing errors on the FEES which should never have occurred in the first place. So now they are offering you a discount on something that should never have been charged?!?!? You realize that you’re getting nowhere so you decide to call a lawyer. I have seen this happen to many people. If this happened to you, or someone you know, contact the law firm.

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