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SCTPVA introduces TPLEAS

The Suffolk County traffic parking and violations agency (SCTPVA) recently started using a new system called TPLEAS. This system is an Online Dispute Resolution system for certain traffic tickets. A court clerk told me that SCTPVA recently mailed out 25,000 notices which looked something like the below notice.

The SCTPVA sent these notices out to some lawyers that were already representing clients even though the face of the form says it is NOT applicable to drivers that have lawyers representing them on ticket. This, of course, makes no sense.

Some concerns about the TPLEAS system, that I have heard from drivers, is that the system seeks to have you waive your right to have an attorney represent you on tickets. As you might imagine, I would suggest that you don’t utilize the TPLEAS system, and contact our law firm for assistance regarding your tickets.

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