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SSA FINANCIAL STIMULUS DEADLINES. Register online to receive an extra $500 economic impact payment for minor dependents.

In April 2020 at the height of the pandemic in New York, the Social Security Administration required older people and people with disabilities to register online to receive an extra $500 economic impact payments on behalf of each of their minor dependents. As a result of the tight deadline to register and confusion about the registration requirement, many eligible families missed the deadline and did not receive the full economic impact payment they were entitled to. The IRS has now opened a second window for these families to register for missing payments for eligible dependents.

People who receive Social Security, SSI, SSD, VA benefits or railroad retirement benefits now have until September 30 to register their minor dependents with the IRS to receive economic impact payments for those dependents. Adult recipients of these benefits should have automatically received stimulus payments for themselves during the spring and summer of 2020 even if they did not register. However, registration is required to receive extra stimulus payments for minor dependents.

People whose incomes are below the threshold for filing a tax return, and who did not receive VA, SSI or Social Security Benefits in 2019 are also required to register to receive economic impact payments for themselves or their dependents. They should do so before October 15.

Use the below link to visit the IRS website to learn more about the registration requirements and what to do about missing stimulus payments.

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