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What is a self proving affidavit for a will?

While a self-proving affidavit form is not required under the laws of the state of New York, here is brief discussion regarding why it is recommended. If you don’t have one, let us know, and we can get one for you.
The affidavit is a document that helps prove your Will’s validity to the probate court which is likely to speed up the often lengthy and stressful probate process.
Your Self Proving Affidavit is a signed, sworn statement that’s attached to your Will. While it is not a required component of a Will, having it can relieve stress for your loved ones as they get through the probate process more quickly and with less hassle, which is a huge benefit in and of itself.

A Self Proving Affidavit form is a simple statement added at the end of your Will. Both you, the Will creator (Testator), and those who signed your Will as witnesses, must sign and swear under oath, in front of a notary public. It’s these signatures that indicate you were the individuals who signed and witnessed the original Will. Having this document eliminates the need for witnesses having to testify about the validity of your Will after you pass away.

An affidavit is really the best way you can ensure you have a Self Proving Will. In addition to speeding up the probate process and making it easier on your loved ones to administer your estate, a Self Proving Will is another added layer of protection against anyone contesting your Will. It’s simply one more statement that ensures you, as the Testator, signed your Will without any undue influence.

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What is a self proving affidavit for a will?

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