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Tuition Refund Lawsuits

Tuition Refund Lawsuits

Hands-on learning. Face-to-face interactions. Study sessions in the student union. Workouts in the student gym.

That’s what students said they signed up for — and were required to pay for — when they attended universities across the country last spring.

But, they argue, it’s not what they got once the coronavirus drove them off campus. And now they want their money back.

Students who attended a university/college during the Spring 2020 semester during the Coronavirus pandemic, have been making claims for a tuition refund and other benefits from their college/university.

Students that attended a college/university for the Spring 2020 semester may be able to make a claim for a partial tuition or fee refund for the unforeseen and insufficient quality of education that they received.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, students argue that remote learning has inadequate value when compared to in-person education. Students should not be accountable to pay for certain fees from the Spring 2020 semester such as: (Room and board fees, educational services, campus facilities, and student activities, etc.)

Universities are being accused of breach of contract, conversion, and unjust enrichment.

If you, or someone you know, thinks that you might have a claim; contact the law firm. The law firm will ask you some questions to determine if it seems like you have a case or not. After listening to the facts of your situation, the law firm will be able to advise if it makes sense to pursue a claim.

Class-action lawsuits calling for partial reimbursement of tuition and fees are continuing to amass nationwide — from Ivy League institutions to goliath state university systems to small private colleges — with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars of claims.

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Tuition Refund Lawsuits


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