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red light camera ticket

Overcharged! Red Light Camera

Overcharged! Red Light Camera


Have you paid a red light traffic ticket in Suffolk County? It was recently determined by the Supreme Court that Suffolk County lacks the legal authority to charge the $30 administrative fee which it adds to each fine.

The decision was drafted by Justice David T. Reilly where he found Suffolk’s imposition of the fee unconstitutional simply because the state program precludes the county from charging more than the violation fee to offenders.

This has been an ongoing issue and was first litigated in 2016 as a class action law suit. The contact Suffolk County has with their Xerox vendor says that Xerox will pick up the administrative costs. This means Suffolk County’s traffic court was simply “pocketing” thirty bucks for each fine even though Xerox was covering administrative costs.

Suffolk County, as you might imagine, is appealing the decision. Red light camera tickets first were issued in Suffolk in 2010, and the $30 fee was tacked on in 2013.

Note that a similar lawsuit is pending in Nassau County, which collects a $55 public-safety fee and a $45 driver-responsibility fee on top of the $50 fine for violations, bringing the total to $150.

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Overcharged! Red Light Camera

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