It’s normal to feel out of control when you have criminal charges filed against you. You are worried about the potential outcome, so you don’t feel like you have any control over your life,
but everything will change after you consult with Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law. Our team will put everything into your case and help you get your life back to normal.


It is normal to feel alone when you have a mountain of debt, but you do not have to navigate this process on your own. Call us today to schedule a consultation. A representative is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Driving isn’t always easy in New York state. The roads can seem like an obstacle course from time to time, leading to accidents, tickets, and other issues. Whether you have been in an accident, received a ticket, or have another traffic-related issue, Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law can help.


If you are tired of being turned down for credit, or paying high interest rates, schedule a consultation to find out how our firm can help. He can also help remove incorrect information as deal with identity theft issues.


Don’t try to handle your debt management needs on your own. Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law provides debt management services to people throughout the state of New York. Our debt settlement services can protect you from collection actions that include wage garnishment, so you can finally get out from under this crippling debt.


If your lender is trying to seize your home for lack of payment, you might think it’s impossible to mount a legal defense. There are actually various legal strategies that can be employed to stop foreclosure proceedings. Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law will find a strategy that will work best for you.


The law firm of Ronald S. Cook, PC has the skill, dedication, know-how, and passion to resolve to handle your litigation needs.


We are available to assist as your trusted counsel and form a a long-term client-attorney relationship that allow us to anticipate your future needs and assist you with your best interests and objectives.


The goal of our estate planning practice is to provide families with practical solutions to individual estate planning concerns, with an emphasis on the tax ramifications and legal ramifications of various estate plans.


Tax issues, both federal and state, are among the most frightening legal concerns for individuals and business owners. Most people know that the IRS and the State tax department are the 800 pound gorilla” when it comes to collecting on tax judgments.

Our Expertise is Unmatched.

Ronald S. Cook, LL.M., JD, MBA, has literally MASTERED the law. Attorney Cook possesses FIVE advanced degrees including multiple masters degrees. The law firm practice areas are highly regarded. The law firm is recognized for the commitment to the representation of clients’ interests. The law firm’s goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues, most significant business transactions, and most critical disputes.


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