Our Law Firm’s Partnership with MetLife Legal Plans

For nearly a decade, our law firm has been a trusted provider of high-quality legal services to members of the MetLife Legal Plan.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

With significant experience in catering to MetLife plan members, our law firm is well-versed in a broad spectrum of legal issues. Our proven track record of providing exceptional legal assistance demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of service.

Understanding MetLife Legal Plans

Since its inception in 1977 (originally as Hyatt Legal Plans), MetLife Legal Plans has been dedicated to guiding employees and their families through various legal challenges. By offering accessible and affordable legal consultations and representation, these plans play a crucial role in enhancing employees’ well-being. They address stress, safety, and financial worries, while enabling employers to offer attractive benefits that draw in top talent.

The Importance of Legal Plans in the Workplace

For employers, offering legal plans is a strategic move. Such plans not only ensure employees’ legal concerns are efficiently managed, contributing to their overall productivity, but also provide a valuable resource for legal assistance, connecting them with skilled lawyers ready to resolve their legal challenges effectively.

Legal Plan Member testimonial

“My wife and I had utilized my legal plan to draft estate planning documents. Attorney Ronald S. Cook made the process very easy. He provided a questionnaire that helped keep the issues focused. We then utilized a Zoom meeting (my request) to discuss my concerns. Zoom was convenient as this allowed my wife and I to connect via Zoom from different locations. The documents came out perfect and the attorney took the time to answer all my questions.”

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