Ronald Shields Cook, LL.M., JD, MBA is a different type of lawyer. He has mastered the law with five advanced degrees, including a Juris Doctorate degree and two Master of Laws degrees in Bankruptcy and Taxation. Attorney Cook is more than a legal mind, though. Over the course of 25 years, he has stood out for his ability to connect with clients. It is clear from the initial consultation that he will fight for his clients and represent their best interests. He is more than a legal mind. He is a defender that treats each client as the most important person to walk through the firm’s doors.

If you want a strong legal mind with a personal touch, contact Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law to set up a consultation.

Anticipating Needs, One Client at a Time

Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law understands the ever-changing landscape of law and stays abreast of the changes to best represent clients. He anticipates the needs and opens a dialogue with clients from the beginning to ensure he finds the best solution. He quickly builds trust with clients which turns into confidence.

The Personal Touch

Many clients are pleased to find that they will speak with an attorney, rather than a paralegal, when they consult Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law. While paralegals are necessary to work behind the scenes, Ronald Shields Cook believes that one-on-one communication is necessary to get the best outcome.

A Client-Focused Firm

Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law is a client-focused law firm.

Our law firm offers:

  • Low Flat Fees
  • Evening and Weekend Hours
  • Immediate Consultations

If you need legal service, contact us today. We can schedule your consultation quickly.


► Master of Laws degree, Bankruptcy, St. John’s School of Law
► Master of Laws degree, Taxation, New York Law School
► Juris Doctorate degree, New York Law School
► Master’s degree, Business Administration
► Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration, Finance and Economics

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Legal issues typically don’t get better without professional assistance. Rather than avoiding the problem, it’s time to be proactive. Contact Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law, to set up your free consultation. With daytime, evening, and weekend hours available, the firm can work around your schedule.